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Highly ventilated geometry offers improvement in breathability by increasing air passage and moisture flow from body through pads to maximize comfort in warm conditions, without sacrificing performanceSoft and flexible with a lightweight, low-profile design..
70.00 лв. без ДДС:70.00 лв.
Highly ventilated geometry offers a 45% improvement in breathabilityAdvanced, breathable protection for motorcycle and mountain bikeSoft and flexible with a lightweight, low-profile design..
54.00 лв. без ДДС:54.00 лв.
Advanced, patented polymer, CE-rated D3O® impact protectors are the latest advancement in protective armorD3O® impact protectors utilize intelligent molecules that lock together on impactBecause of this, the impact protector can be made thinner and lighter, making a jacket more comfortable and easie..
54.00 лв. без ДДС:54.00 лв.
Bioflex Hip ProtectorsErgonomic design that allows high levels of movementCell structure ensures maximum comfort and ventilationSlim design makes the protector discreet off the bikeProtector cells are bridged together, allowing for an adaptive shape and enhanced levels of comfort and protection..
39.00 лв. без ДДС:39.00 лв.
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