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Motorcycle cigarette lighter socket with USB outputs mounted to the steering wheel. Universal output make the socket is compatible with virtually any device available on the market, eg. navigation, mobile phones and others.The product has a replaceable fuse protects the electrical system of the moto..
48.00 лв. Ex Tax:48.00 лв.
BS 15 Batteries ChargerBS 15 Battery ChargerCharger & maintainerSMART8 STAGES charger : condition check, rejuvenation, soft start, bulk charging, analisys, float mode and long term maintenance pulse chargeDesigned for batteries up to 30AhMultiaxis hookMicroprocessor controlledPatented recond..
105.00 лв. Ex Tax:105.00 лв.
BA 10 Automatic Batteries ChargerFully automatic battery charger : no risk of overcharge when the charger is connectedSpark free and reverse polarity protectionIdeal for seasonal battery maintenanceHigh frequency switching modeOptimizes the charge durationProvides a fastest charge than conventional ..
82.00 лв. Ex Tax:82.00 лв.
ntelligent charger SBC-LI144 designed for charging 12V lithium batteries located in motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, ATV. The charger is fully automatic, controlled by a microprocessor. When fully charged automatically turns off, passing mode voltage monitoring - 100% safe for each batt..
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