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The EXO-100 is an all-new open-face helmet design with removable ear skirt and external visor.  Advanced Polycarbonate half shell to offer true wind-in -the-face freedom. Supplied with a nice Scorpion Exo textile bag. ECE 22-05 Certified. TÜV tested...
120.00 лв. Ex Tax:120.00 лв.
Straight out the Open face helmet Family, SCORPION gives a refresh to this model and creates the NEW EXO-220 even more stylish and pleasant, the new EXO-220 holds everything you’re looking for this is a real great upgrade from the original one Lightweight, ventilated, very comfortable with t..
150.00 лв. Ex Tax:150.00 лв.
Марка: Scorpion Модел: EXO 390 HAWK  Състояние: Нова ..
200.00 лв. Ex Tax:200.00 лв.
Марка: Scorpion Модел: EXO 920 GEM Състояние: Нова, Каската е с вградени тъмни очила..
230.00 лв. Ex Tax:230.00 лв.
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